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Elizabeth Francisco | Caribbean Lace

June 7, 2014


Tell us a little about the Caribbean Lace blog.
Caribbean Lace is a platform that keeps up with all the current fashion trends in the Caribbean, Latin America and beyond. My experiences in fashion and lifestyle publishing in the Caribbean and The U.S. made me realize that many people do not have a access to the fashion scene in the West Indies and Latin America. Therefore, Caribbean Lace is on a mission to bring this region’s style revolution to the rest of the world.

What is your take on the Curacao Fashion Scene?
I have seen that fashion scene evolving at a rapid speed these past 2 to 3 years. We have internet and in particular, social media to thank for this. People have so much access to see what others are wearing and they are following these blogs, that they can actually be very much up to date with the trends.

I sometimes sit at Starbucks and see that everyone is looking amazing, and wonder where do they find these fabulous things in the first place! If you want to compete here on the island, you’ll have to bring it, so to speak! I also see great revolutions, there is a trend to wear your hair natural, or let your curls loose. I see the braided style coming back. I even saw an Emo girl the other day with her hair dyed blue, with these purple plush leg warmers and no one looked at her twice, back in the day everyone would have laughed at her.

There are more and more events being organized, we had the Curaçao Model search the other day. There have been food and fashion events. So, as far of that we see a lot of people trying to do more with fashion on the island. But I truly love the fact that we’ve had two NY based designers visiting Curacao, completely fallen in love with our tiny rock and have dedicated their collection to the island. One was during NYFW 2 years ago (Washington Roberts) and the other one will take place in Miami in July 2014 (Indashio).

What have you seen that is distinctly Curacao?

As fabulous as we are, and we are. I see some of these girls, who can give Kim K a run for her money, not Rihanna though (haha), we are still following trends. We are still looking at what celebrities are wearing, or looking at what other bloggers are doing. But we are discovering ourselves in that process as well. I don’t see many people wearing something self made or completely distinctive yet. There are a few who are bold enough to do so, but that lost is still short.

Curvy women are screaming for fashion. We have women here who know, what fashion is.
They know what they like and what they want. They know what looks good on them, but local retail still has to catch up.

Do you think the curvy style is something Caribbean women have embraced a long time already? Or no?
The amount of stores that can offer them something are limited, so they are resorted to go abroad or order clothes online. This curvy revolution is still relatively new and booming. In the US it’s a huge deal as well as in Brazil and Denmark. However, the Britts have been doing this for a while.

Honestly, I think I am in over my head, I want to show through this medium that working together and coming together to collaborate on something great, we can achieve so much. The fact that I can have a voice on Carib-Flava is proof of this. There is so much talent in Curacao, but somehow we can’t find it in us to trust one another or to share our piece of the pie. It’s a small island, so I do get it. We are hoping, through Caribbean Lace, to be that example. Especially by showing how other people do get things accomplished. Let it be an inspiration!

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