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Sombra Di Kolo | Trailer [Video]

September 30, 2014

I have to say I am stoked by the analysis and the conversation that can spiral out of their journey in to the hearts and minds of a Curacaoan. I am sure this discussion on race will resonate to many of the different Islands. CONGRATS @Angela Warwaru Roe for this tremendous accomplishment.

Sombra di Koló — The Shadow Of Color
In five neighbourhoods, each distinct in their racial and class make-up, a total of thirty Curaçaoans of all ages and all walks of life share what “race” and “skin color” mean to them today.

Sombra di Koló / the Shadow of Color is a documentary project by Warwarú Productions and De Wind Imaging.
Curaçaoan/Surinamese/Dutch anthropologist Angela Roe teamed up with Curaçaoan filmmakers Selwyn de Wind and Hester Jonkhout to examine the meanings and consequences of race and skin color in contemporary Curaçao.

Curaçao, a small Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast, was once an important Dutch colony. It has a population of approximately 140.000 people that is racially and especially ethnically diverse, yet predominantly of African descent.

In this post-colonial society, what do people think about skin color? How is color connected to class? Does race still matter?

The goal of the documentary Sombra di Koló is to break open the taboo on color and race relations, and to start a constructive national dialogue on a topic that affects us all, because everyone has a color.

We know what it is like to live inside our own skin, but we don’t really know what life is like for others who don’t look like us. We speculate, we have stereotypical ideas about others, but this film invites you to listen to stories that sound like your own, and stories that you never thought about.

With music by Datapanik

Producer, Director, Researcher: Angela E. Roe. Director of Photography: Selwyn de Wind, Hester Jonkhout, Kirk Claes, Octavio Curiel. Editor: Hester Jonkhout. Coloring: Selwyn de Wind. Graphics & Animation: Kirk Claes. Audio Post Production: Ralph Durgaram. Creative Advisor: Felix de Rooy. Production Assistance: Jeritsa Ignecia, Pito Polo, Giany Martis, Marieke Linders, Anja Steffens, Eugenique Wilkins, Nneka Tielman, Rebecca Steffens, Ryanne Van Der Linde, and Vanessa Abad.

Sombra di Koló is made possible with the support of our funds and sponsors:
Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V., Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied, Samenwerkende Fondsen Nederlands Gebiedsdeel, Maduro Curiels’ Bank, Kooyman, Act II, Medical Laboratory Services, Curacao Tourism Board, Korpodeko, Burgers & Fung A Loi Notaries, Banco di Caribe, Ennia, Mau Asam Travel, Curacao Ports Authority, Europe West Indies Trading, and KDZ Accountanting Support B.V.

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