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Antigua’s J.Nation feat CYN – Hard Work (Official Video)

February 10, 2015

“When they have power and authority they don’t give a damn about nobody prostituting the island to all and sundry they peddlin my people’s rights exploiting, oppressing, less freedom more suffering…” ~King Short Short

This thinking and heart behind this music video renews my faith in humanity.
I believe artists are warriors for the mind and spirit. We all have that artist or creator inside that wants to speak the truth about our lives and our experiences.
This video juxtaposes the beauty that is sold  to the masses to the beauty that lies beneath Antigua & Barbudas touristic veneer.

Hard work was shot, edited & directed in Antigua & Barbuda by Justin “Jus Bus” Nation & Anderson Andrew with additional Drone Footage by Adam Anton.

The Drone footage Provides us a gorgeous cinematic glimpse in to REAL side of island living not everything is at it seems in paradise.
The video starts  with a dramatic birds eye view of a colorful shanty town in Antigua.  The song jumps right in to paint you the reality of 17 year old girls in stilletos, and how the bad boy on the corner is simply looking for a way to make his money any way he can.  An uptempo beat carries the weighty refrain “All this hard work , all this sacrifice  you don’t give a damn what lies beneath”.

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Paradise World – Building up the hype.

December 29, 2014

[avatar user=”DMensche” size=”thumbnail” align=”left”]Deya Mensche Willemstad, Curaçao[/avatar]

Looking back at another edition of Paradise World, where EDM met Caribbean rhythms, the budding festival with its ambitious organizers, who one day hope to rival the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival, can look back with satisfaction. Paradise World was launched in 2012, as an intimate yet energetic event that is slowly evolving into a reputable and characteristic destination festival, with renowned headliners like Diplo from Major Lazer and enfant terrible Skrillex.

This year, Paradise World expanded its wings by partnering with the renowned Winter Music Festival based in Miami, and added a two-day music conference to the mix. The execution of the latter definitely left some room for improvement. The laid-back vibe that Paradise World is known for was taken to another level and raised quite a few eyebrows during the conference. The Q&A of Day 1 was exceptionally delayed due to the hectic partying schedule of certain participants. After distinguished guests like Bill Kelly, founder and director of WMC, and Esteban Mendez of Paradise World, finally graced us with their presence, the attendants fired off their burning questions to the panel.

An array of subjects was discussed, like Kelly’s views about ranking lists of international DJs, “not a fan due to the politics involved”, and finally what the panel’s advice was for local DJs who want to expand their wings internationally. Kelly gracefully replied that “the local DJ should work on its popularity on the home front first and establish its brand, to then find proper booking and representation abroad”. Additionally he was asked about the role of females in the male dominated world of EDM music and what effect the oversexed model-turned-DJ persona had on the industry. “With DJing, true talent quickly weeds out the wannabes from the pros, however I recognize that sex has always sold and some women choose to use that to their advantage”, Kelly concluded. “But the over-sexualisation can hurt the female DJ in the long run, so the focus should always be on the music”, both Kelly and Mendez agreed.

After the Q&A, the party continued around the Renaissance pool with its scenic ocean view, where Aruba’s DJ extraordinaire Nutzbeatz launched his most recent remix of the club banger ‘Bon Vibe’ and entertained the cool collective of enthusiasts with his captivated selections.

Day 2 of the conference kicked off with an animated Q&A with Kuenta i Tambú or KIT, who launched their much talked about production called ‘Santa Electra’ featuring famed tambú singer Doña Elia Isenia.

The video clip was directed by Selwyn de Windt and the song was produced by talented Clifford Goilo, both present to discuss their roles in the production. The panel was also attended by KIT group members Diamanta and Roël Calister, who discussed the idea behind the captivating clip and let an animated discussion about its meaning. “Santa Electra is the perfect blend between traditional and modern music, fiction and reality, and can mean a variety of things to many people”, they concluded. Again the party continued around the pool, where KIT gave an impromptu performance that jump started the festivities, which continued in Club Bermuda until the early hours.

The conference concluded with an interesting Q&A with several local EDM festival organizers, amongst others the Martel brothers of Su’legria and the organizers of the Amnesia Music Festival, who shared their thoughts on how to grow their respective events into destination festivals by adding to and improving the Curaçao entertainment export product.

Finally on Saturday it was the turn for Diplo, who surprised the audience by returning to the stage with Major Lazer, in addition to the much anticipated performance of Skrillex. The gentlemen didn’t disappoint and put on an animated 90-minute show, yet failed to blow away the audience with the theatrics like Major Lazer did the previous year. Maybe Diplo and Skrillex were a bit weary of all the traveling or the Curaçao audience failed to impress altogether, yet whatever the reason was for the somewhat lackluster performance, it was gut-wrenching to observe the animo deflate after a while for such skilled performers. This could have been attributed to the fact that the audience was significantly smaller and younger, however the ambiance was relaxed and the people seemed like they were having a good time.

The preshow started early with forgettable performances of a few up-and-coming American DJ’s. An unquestionable exception of the night was the performance of DJ Alex Sargo, who was clearly having a good time and kept the audience on its feet with his pulsating beats and impressive showmanship. Poor Alex Sargo was clearly the savior of the preshow as he was instructed to replace a DJ who was unceremoniously taken off stage, because he clearly wasn’t in synch with the Paradise World vibe.

Despite these minor hiccups, the 2014 edition of Paradise World proved to be an overall success. Nevertheless, if the organizers want to give the Curaçao North Sea Jazz Festival a run for their money, they should take their conference participants more seriously and add more content to the encounters. This edition tried to be too many things to too many people and it appeared that the attention was more on partying and having fun, than growing the brand. If Paradise World is here to stay, they need to set themselves apart from the rest and carefully refine the complicated yet unique formula between EDM and Caribbean rhythms.

Almost there fellas, just a little bit more tweaking…

Overall Grade B-



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E Rekuerdo – ( The Memories ) Tamara Nivillac & Stanley Clementina | Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2014

E kantante profeshonal Tamara Nivillac, ku ta biba i tour na hulanda a saka un kansion pa fin di aña huntu ku multi instrumentalista i kantante Stanley Alejandro Clementina.


The professional musicians and singers Tamara Nivillac (currently on tour in the Netherlands) and Stanley Clementina collaborate on a Holiday Song release called ‘E Rekuerdo’ (The Memories) where  they reminise on the precious moments passed in this sentimental music video.

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Atlanta Buzzmaker & Panama Native Nino Augustine’s single :: Blow (The INTRO) & The OPE Band

December 15, 2014

Nino Augustine is a Panamanian artist in ATL also known for Beyond the Hype Atlanta.

Blow is the first release and INTRO of the EP titled SOUL HOP with release date late January 2015. The project consist of all live instrumentation by The OPE Band. The song BLOW contains lead vocals by Panama born artist Nino Augustine, and additional vocals by Toni Williams who is also the keyboardist. The track was recorded at the Cottage Studios in Atlanta. It was recorded and mixed by Damon Moon, and mastered by Mahnuee Trejos.

“Will you still be here if we never blow?”

nino augustine  OPE Band

To me this song is symbolic of holding on to an American dream. The love affair with catching lighting in a bottle. In fact, that’s exactly what it sounds like . The vibe is thoughtful, the melody questions, the drums are optimistic with a hint of latin rhythm.  Toni’s voice is pitch perfect in this production. Music was made. This band is putting in the work and winning. This definitely has its place at the top of  my playlist.

(FREE DOWNLOAD on sound cloud)


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Discover ParadiseWorld Music Festival! – Selwyn de Wind Interviews DJ Diplo!

November 28, 2014

Selwyn De Wind interviews DJ Diplo who will be featured together with DJ Skrillex at the Paradiseworld Music festival/conference<—(link to event )style event in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
For more information check out Selwyn’s page he is known and admired for his radio and TV personality who has made his mark with his music, video  film and production projects. Check out his blog :

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Area 51 ft. Enmeris – Bon Bon Sexy [Lyrics Video]

November 24, 2014

Area51 just dropped their most recent single Bon Bon Sexy ft Enmeris from their upcoming album (appropriately named) The Kings Are Back.
If you enjoy that deep, from the hip, swinging bass line in true Latin Caribbean form,  the masterful fusion of global rhythms makes this song Bon Bon Sexy. The kings are back and they might have you bouncing your Bon Bons at work watch out!

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Cover of A Bed of Lies ( by Nicki Minaj ) POPiamentu style by Tamara Nivillac and QD El Mago (Area 51)

November 23, 2014

“POPiamentu” is a project we started a few years ago on the island of Curacao, translating well-known pop songs into (my native language) “Papiamentu”. By doing this we try to encourage local artist to write in our own language and contribute to our own culture & legacy.

Our aim is to show that it IS POSSIBLE to write songs in a foreign language (in this case “Papiamentu”) and still reach international hit charts.

A few examples are Reggae/ Dance Hall songs in Jamaican Creole or Afrobeats in Nigerian and Ghanaian languages.In this cover “Bed of Lies” I’ve teamed up with Curacaoan rapper Qd El Mago from the group Area 51 who has several number-one hits on the island. If Nicki Minaj was born in Curacao, her part in this song would sound like this…

Special thanks to THE team Stanley Alejandro Clementina (piano/arrangement/mixing) and Thareyck Martina (videoshoot/editing/artwork).Let’s keep up the movement! ♥

Check out our past interveew with Tamara Nivillac here

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Woody Ft. QD ‘s first official single reaches over 3700 views in 3 days

November 23, 2014

Woody Ft. QD ‘s first official single reaches over 3700 views in 3 days!
Congrats on your first single man. I am loving the images of Colombia  I won’t knock the hustle when it comes to that not so hidden Insel air commercial either.
If you don’t know who they are yet.  Follow them on Twitter because the Caribbean and Latin America are Massive and it looks like Gudda Getamilli is starting to move mountains to share their craft.
Curacao + Colombia represent.

Produced by: Gudda Getamilli
Mix and mastered by Mosty
Directed and Edited by Don Vinci


( Insel Air you still owe me for that broken tablet, still mad)

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Tamara Nivillac Releases New Single “Unda” [Video+Audio]

September 3, 2014

Tamara Nivillac Releases New Single “Unda”.

The Curaçaoan recording artist is releasing her second single and music video. Willemstad, Curacao, NA –
Tamara Nivillac is preparing to release her second single entitled “Unda” on September 3th, 2014.

The songstress is on the island of Curaçao for a short stay to perform at the “After (Curacao North Sea) Jazz” party and is taking the opportunity to release her new single and music video along with a brief media promo as well as several performances.

For her second single Tamara teamed up once again with producer and dear
friend Stanley Alejandro Clementina, whom she’s also worked with on her debut
single “Gosa” (Enjoy), launched in March of this year. Featuring on this new track is internationally renowned jazz guitarist Jean Jacques Rojer.

In contrast to her swinging debut single, “Unda” is a somewhat melancholic ballad sang in her native language “Papiamentu”. “Unda” literally means “Where” but in context of this song it translates to “Where do we go from here”.

Tamara defines her music as Acoustic Afro-Caribbean Soul. Besides singing in
“Papiamentu” Tamara also writes songs in English or a combination of both
languages. “Through my years of experience in the music industry I’ve come to realize that music is universal and it’s something that had to be felt and not necessarily understood.” – Tamara Nivillac

With this new self-written song Tamara officially debuts as a singer songwriter.

The track will be available on (among others) iTunes, Skèmpi and Spotify.

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Alberto Caicedo

July 6, 2014

[vc_row][vc_column][mk_dropcaps style=”simple-style”]T[/mk_dropcaps][mk_highlight text=”hroughout his musical career this Colombian born musician, singer, arranger & composer has traveled European and International Destinations including Kazakhstan. he has preformed amongst great artists such as Marco Borsato at the War Child concert. Alberto Caicedo a musician and singer of who’s lyrics and warm ballads combined with a serious Latin Jazz Salsa flavor, will keep your hips moving and your heart listening for the next beat.” text_color=”#000000″ bg_color=”#ebff00″ font_family=”none”][vc_column_text disable_pattern=”true” align=”left” margin_bottom=”0″]


Interview Location: Zanta Beach Club   (What is venue called now?)
Netherlands Antilles  Circa 2007


Name: Alberto Caicedo-Cuenu
Date of Birth : November 15th 1974
Place of Birth: Guapi, Colombia

Where have you been living the last two years?
Nijmegen, The Netherlands, 1 year in Amsterdam:  I am currently attending the Conservatory in Rotterdam.

Alberto Part I

I did my primary and secondary education,  and 2 years of voice lessons in Cali, Colombia.

When did you start playing music?

I Started Studying music at age 11 by starting to sing in bands, which is where I picked up the acoustic guitar and percussion, learning by playing with friends.

Years Later, Alberto moved to Buen Aventura. Colombia, where he started his professional career singing with a professional band. Here is where he picked up the Bass guitar and continued learning with a private teacher.  3 years later Alberto Moved to the city of Cali, Colombia where he 'finally' started working with professional bands and also the city where he was offered a job as a music teacher at a drug rehabilitation center, for delinquent children. Corporación Juan Bosco.

So you took the job?

When they called me to do this Job. I admit, I was thinking about the money. But when I saw the reality of the young men n this situation my mind changed completely I realized they were just like me. They had nothing. I started to listen more and find solutions by starting to live like them; including going to the city in the middle of the night. I have even experienced being mugged by my own music students… the same students who show up in class the next day as if nothing happened.

What were you up to during this time period? 

I loved the job, but It didn’t always pay. So, I made a living by playing at night. During that time period the different bands I was affiliated with were:

  • Orchésta Evolución ( Cali, Colombia)
  • Orchesta Formula 8 (ocho) (Cali, Colombia)
  • Orchesta Bronco ( Venezuela)
  • As well as Markito Colita I su Grupo.



3 yrs later.

In 1998, Alberto started doing chorus and piano for the group La Bahia,  a group that performed a mix of Salsa and Folklore combined.  His involvement in this musical group eventually led to a trip to Spain and France.  He was one of the only two band members that returned to Colombia from that trip.


Alberto Part 2

In 2004 the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany for another concert had come up this time he quit his job at Corporación Juan Bosco.

It was now or never.

Alberto:  Four musicians stayed back in Hannover, with nothing but their instruments and the clothes on their back.  When the bus left us behind, the reality set in.  None of us spoke English, let alone Dutch. Fortunately, we figured out the train station was 300m away.  So we bought a train ticket to Holland.  When we reached the border of Holland in Emmerich Germany, the immigration officer asked for our passports in Spanish…  They picked us up expecting we were smuggling drugs.  Sooooo, they sent us back to Düsseldorf.  We spent our very last pennies on hotel accommodations.

Finally, some friends pick them up and bring them to a Hotel in Holland.  That was the beginning of the musical group 'La Marejada' A Cuban Salsa Band.

Carib-flava: Whew! It has been a long journey. So what have you been up to now?

Alberto: Well now,  Under the production of Gerardo Rosales & (Record Label) Walboumers:  I started to record my own album. Alberto Caicedo ‘La Voz de Colombia’. Which is out now!
(UPDATE! Check out his website for the most recent release 2014!)

Lucas van Meerwijk and The CuBop City Big Band, (that recently performed at the 2006 Bonaire Jazz festival where we met  as well as the Music Festival at Brakkeput Mei Mei Curaçao 2006.)

Rumba Ta Big Band
• Saoco
• Gerardo Rosales I su Trabu Combo
• Gerald Clarinda – La Rhytmika


What message do you have for the Carib-flava community?

Hopefully the People that read this magazine see that beneath each production there is a story and a struggle and that it is a reflection of each artist’s life.  It would be great if people would recognize the importance of supporting musicians, for they tell the story of our lives. Well, at least I do; I, Alberto Caicedo will tell you the story of my life.