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Chantry Hodge A.K.A DJ Outkast | SXM

April 17, 2014

Chantry Hodge
Name: Chantry Hodge
Date of Birth: September 19th, 1983
Place of Birth: St. Maarten
Where have you been living the passed two years? All My Life I have Been Living On St. Maarten


Where are you living now? Of Course.. St. Maarten

Current occupation: Professional Dj/ Owner & Executive Producer Of Un Authorized Studios & 187 Music

How would you describe yourself?

Well.. Dj Outkast is a down to earth, easy to talk to, and a soft spoken person who life’s passion has always been music. My father used to own a record store in St. Maarten named ” Al Hodge Records & Electronics ” where he establised a name and reputation from mix cassetes and record sales, My father has already met and worked with artists such as Bob Marley, Yellow Man, Micheal Jackson, & many more great legends. So as i got older and got more interested in dj’s, watching them on tv doing scratches and tricks and stuff.. i got so facinated with it and decided to go for it.. My start was in my basement with some old turntables from my pops, a cassette player and a portable cd player.. I started with nothing and slowly built my self up and training myself in not only technique, but in knowledge of music.. but to make a long story a little shorter… I went from nothing and built myself into what u see today… I put my mind to it and decided this is what i wanted.. and no one would stop my dream and destiny.. and it surly paid off..

How was the Heineken Green Synergy experience like for you?

The Heineken Green Synergy Experience was like nothin else in this world..Heineken really and truly gave me my big break.. i was always known as a Dj in St. Maarten.. but it was my first involment in 2004 at the very first Heineken Competition that really gave me the big break I needed.. I was approached by veteren Dj here on St. Maarten named ” Party Dude Jason ” who saw potential in me and asked me to sign up.. i didn’t want to at first but then decided it’s now or never to do this.. so I entered as the underdog going in against big names like ” Mix Master Pauly ”  and ” Dj Blaze “.. and I won’t that night and it did so much for me and my career I then then moved on to the first grand regional finals in Antigua where i placed 2nd that year representing St. Maarten.

I started  traveling all over the place, I was on TV and news paper here in St. Maarten on a regular basis, I became a house hold name… that really boosted my career.

I then entered it again this past year and again advanced to the grand finals in the Bahamas and again places 2nd in the caribbean.  And now with the great thing we have in the caribbean now called ” Tempo” even more people now knows who Outkast is and what I am about… So The Heineken Green Synergy Experience was definitely a great step in my life and career.

What type of music do you prefer to mix with?

Well.. You can’t really have a liking to a certain genre of music too much in this profession, You really have to play for the people.  It’s not about what I like.. It’s what they (the audience) like and what they enjoy themselves with.. but personally, I love Hip Hop and Dancehall.. those are my real favorites… I love the way u can mix and create different sounds when u mix hip hop, r&b, dancehall, Reggea, Soca and Zouk..

Dj’s in other different parts of the world are only known for one genre.. One can be known as a Hip Hop DJ, the other  a reggeaton dj.. BUT Caribbean DJ’s know how to put everything together in one flow with out stopping… Once u can play dancehall, Hip Hop, R&B, Zouk, Soca, Disco oldies, and a little House into your mix.. So here you definitely have to be a versatile DJ and entertainer.

So you are producing music in St.maarten. Tell us a little about your company.

Well, I own a little recording establishment in St. Maarten that I like to call ” Un Authorized Studios ” I started it due to the fact that St. Maarten has many many many young and very talented local artists in Hip Hop, Dancehall and R&B but yet… all the studios that were open at the time charged very high prices that no young person could afford. But yet.. they really wanted to record, so I open my little establisment so the young and up coming artists would have some where to go that they can get their material down and be heard with out having to dig a hole in their pocket

Who’s your inspiration?

The Lord above is who really gives me the strength and patience to keep doing what I love to do, as hard as it has been and continues to get harder.  My parents have also really backed me and inspired me to go on and keep doing what I love to do.

Your musical inspiration?

I  looked up to many local greats here in St. Maarten growing up… such as Mix Master Pauly, Dj Sheff, Dj Dave Nice, Party Dude Jason, Nachum Frank and & Dj Wilson.

How do you feel about the evolution of music in general?

As times have changed, so has the music, the artists and the mindsets of the artists and the people who listen to music has subsequently changed dramatically. Today’s music is all about how many man in they crew, who all they killed, how shiny their gun was when they killed the guy, the car they were driving, the size of they rims, and the chains they wear…

What happened to enjoying the party, and girls, and the love that was put in to the music? Same thing with dancehall, back then it was more fun and more love was has changed a lot. Don’t get me wrong.. I love the music of today still.. It’s just that the artists of today really need to get their priorities straight… and so do the people who listen to music.. Even Soca and calypso have changed.. People really need to start listening to how music used to be before they release their material.

How do you feel about the future of Antillean bourne music?

There is no future for Antillean music until Antillean people themselves start supporting each other. Other islands support their own local talent and give them all they need to reach the top.. Antilleans on the other hand would bad talk and put down each other then actually helping and supporting each other.. The Antillean talent is getting better and better every day.  But the people need to wake up and realize what they have in front of them and support them.

What is the project you are most proud of?

In  2005  my group 187 and I released a song here on St. Maarten called ” T.I.N.T ” which started as a joke.. but when it was released.. It was one of the biggest local hits on St. Maarten… and after 2 years of playing.. It is still being one of the biggest local hits.. and I am proud to be involved in such a project to effect the island as that song did..

When did you decide to start your recording studio?

I opened that studio in early 2001 and have been doing it ever since. It has had many more upgrades since I opened it though ( trust me.. ha ha ha )

So what type of music are you producing?

Well.. basically I work a lot with young people… so I do a lot of Hip Hop, R&B, and dancehall but over the years I have also worked with some Calypso and Soca artists and projects as well.

Who are the 187 Boys?

This is my crew, my organization, and most of all.. my friends.. we were always just a group of friends that chilled together.. the name 187 actually came from when we first formed the group. It was 18 people, and 7  cars.. ( but it’s a lot more then that now.. trust me ) ha ha.. but we do music of course..releasing hits such as T.I.N.T, Still Tippin On 187, Shake Dat A, and Chicken Leg & Johnny Cake..

We keep it really local and comical that every can enjoy it at any age. We also organize parties and social events to give back to the community. But basically 187 is a group of friends that like to have fun… period…he he

What events should we look out for in 2007?

A lot of stuff I have planned, I plan to do a lot of parties for the upcoming year.
I also want to do a concert and bring an artist down to st. maarten to perform, a new radio show on fm radio and online streaming.  A Dj Outkast & 187 Clothing Line, a lot more mix cd’s, releases from a lot of local artists that are under my studio Un Authorized/ 187 Musc, and much much more to come.

What do you do on of those rare slow you don’t have ANYTHING else to do type of days In St.Maarten?

Ha ha.. well.. your right.. those days don’t really come around often.. but when I do get those times..I take that time to get sleep.. haha.. I work a lot, during the week I’m in the studio and I DJ at night.. So the days I do have off.. I do get as much rest as I can.. I also spend a lot of time with my family, because they mean a lot to me. But personal time is important to me so I just relax and make some ” Me ” time to just chill and relax a bit before I go crazy.
I like sports, cars, hanging and chillin with my friends, some video games, or just taking a drive around to clear my head also works for me..

Shout out CaribFlava community:

Well..Definitely a big big shout out and big up to the Carib – Flava Community for taking the time out to find out a little more about me.. I sure do appreciate it..keep it lock for much more and keep it real..

Message to the Global Community:

Never give up on your dreams or your goals in life.  If there is something u want in life reach out and grab for it. even if it takes a little more time then others… If you really want it and work hard enough for it.. it will eventually come your way.