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Cover of A Bed of Lies ( by Nicki Minaj ) POPiamentu style by Tamara Nivillac and QD El Mago (Area 51)

November 23, 2014

“POPiamentu” is a project we started a few years ago on the island of Curacao, translating well-known pop songs into (my native language) “Papiamentu”. By doing this we try to encourage local artist to write in our own language and contribute to our own culture & legacy.

Our aim is to show that it IS POSSIBLE to write songs in a foreign language (in this case “Papiamentu”) and still reach international hit charts.

A few examples are Reggae/ Dance Hall songs in Jamaican Creole or Afrobeats in Nigerian and Ghanaian languages.In this cover “Bed of Lies” I’ve teamed up with Curacaoan rapper Qd El Mago from the group Area 51 who has several number-one hits on the island. If Nicki Minaj was born in Curacao, her part in this song would sound like this…

Special thanks to THE team Stanley Alejandro Clementina (piano/arrangement/mixing) and Thareyck Martina (videoshoot/editing/artwork).Let’s keep up the movement! ♥

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Tamara Nivillac (video) – CURACAO

April 13, 2014

Tamara Nivillac sits down to chat with carib-flava during her Single Gosa’s Debut.
Special thanks to Evolution Studios Curaçao.

Willemstad, Curaçao.
By Deya Mensche

Tamara Nivillac’s first single “Gosa” (available on itunes :
Written and produced by Stanley Alejandro Clementina.  Art Direction and video production by Junior Tecla.

Videoclip by INNOVATIV Productions (Lennon Aniceta).……

Lyrics: “Gosa”

Basta tempu b’a entreg’é
Kada momentu bo ta anhela riba dje
Den bo body bo ta sinti’é
Surrender to the rhythm of your heart and soul

Koro: Gosa 4*
Gosa gosa gosa un bes
Den e bida aki bo tin mester
Kur’é herida den bo ser
Enjoy the life your given

Bebe un gota no kremench’é
Consume life don’t throw it away
Kada un paso bo marka bo a vense
Lanta para no lamenta bo rekompensa ta prepara
Cherish life, don’t ever let go

Koro: Gosa 4*
Gosa gosa gosa un bes
Den e bida aki bo tin mester
Kur’é herida den bo ser
Enjoy the life your given

Gosa bo ta gosa
M’a mirabo bo ta sinta wak
Kada un paso pa dilanti b’a persevera
Bo ta sinta wak pero no lubida

Bo ta sinta bo ta sinta
Bo n’ ta gosa bo n’ ta gosa

Koro: Gosa 4*
Bria pa bo mes
Lanta bo move
Ta bo mes tin ku traha riba dje
Hasi esfuerso pa logr’é
M’a mira bo blo ta sinta
Ai dikon bo no ke bringa?
M’a mira bo blo ta sinta ta sinta no warda riba mayan