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Antigua’s J.Nation feat CYN – Hard Work (Official Video)

February 10, 2015

“When they have power and authority they don’t give a damn about nobody prostituting the island to all and sundry they peddlin my people’s rights exploiting, oppressing, less freedom more suffering…” ~King Short Short

This thinking and heart behind this music video renews my faith in humanity.
I believe artists are warriors for the mind and spirit. We all have that artist or creator inside that wants to speak the truth about our lives and our experiences.
This video juxtaposes the beauty that is sold  to the masses to the beauty that lies beneath Antigua & Barbudas touristic veneer.

Hard work was shot, edited & directed in Antigua & Barbuda by Justin “Jus Bus” Nation & Anderson Andrew with additional Drone Footage by Adam Anton.

The Drone footage Provides us a gorgeous cinematic glimpse in to REAL side of island living not everything is at it seems in paradise.
The video starts  with a dramatic birds eye view of a colorful shanty town in Antigua.  The song jumps right in to paint you the reality of 17 year old girls in stilletos, and how the bad boy on the corner is simply looking for a way to make his money any way he can.  An uptempo beat carries the weighty refrain “All this hard work , all this sacrifice  you don’t give a damn what lies beneath”.

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E Rekuerdo – ( The Memories ) Tamara Nivillac & Stanley Clementina | Happy Holidays!

December 17, 2014

E kantante profeshonal Tamara Nivillac, ku ta biba i tour na hulanda a saka un kansion pa fin di aña huntu ku multi instrumentalista i kantante Stanley Alejandro Clementina.


The professional musicians and singers Tamara Nivillac (currently on tour in the Netherlands) and Stanley Clementina collaborate on a Holiday Song release called ‘E Rekuerdo’ (The Memories) where  they reminise on the precious moments passed in this sentimental music video.

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Discover ParadiseWorld Music Festival! – Selwyn de Wind Interviews DJ Diplo!

November 28, 2014

Selwyn De Wind interviews DJ Diplo who will be featured together with DJ Skrillex at the Paradiseworld Music festival/conference<—(link to event )style event in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.
For more information check out Selwyn’s page he is known and admired for his radio and TV personality who has made his mark with his music, video  film and production projects. Check out his blog :

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Area 51 ft. Enmeris – Bon Bon Sexy [Lyrics Video]

November 24, 2014

Area51 just dropped their most recent single Bon Bon Sexy ft Enmeris from their upcoming album (appropriately named) The Kings Are Back.
If you enjoy that deep, from the hip, swinging bass line in true Latin Caribbean form,  the masterful fusion of global rhythms makes this song Bon Bon Sexy. The kings are back and they might have you bouncing your Bon Bons at work watch out!

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Cover of A Bed of Lies ( by Nicki Minaj ) POPiamentu style by Tamara Nivillac and QD El Mago (Area 51)

November 23, 2014

“POPiamentu” is a project we started a few years ago on the island of Curacao, translating well-known pop songs into (my native language) “Papiamentu”. By doing this we try to encourage local artist to write in our own language and contribute to our own culture & legacy.

Our aim is to show that it IS POSSIBLE to write songs in a foreign language (in this case “Papiamentu”) and still reach international hit charts.

A few examples are Reggae/ Dance Hall songs in Jamaican Creole or Afrobeats in Nigerian and Ghanaian languages.In this cover “Bed of Lies” I’ve teamed up with Curacaoan rapper Qd El Mago from the group Area 51 who has several number-one hits on the island. If Nicki Minaj was born in Curacao, her part in this song would sound like this…

Special thanks to THE team Stanley Alejandro Clementina (piano/arrangement/mixing) and Thareyck Martina (videoshoot/editing/artwork).Let’s keep up the movement! ♥

Check out our past interveew with Tamara Nivillac here

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Woody Ft. QD ‘s first official single reaches over 3700 views in 3 days

November 23, 2014

Woody Ft. QD ‘s first official single reaches over 3700 views in 3 days!
Congrats on your first single man. I am loving the images of Colombia  I won’t knock the hustle when it comes to that not so hidden Insel air commercial either.
If you don’t know who they are yet.  Follow them on Twitter because the Caribbean and Latin America are Massive and it looks like Gudda Getamilli is starting to move mountains to share their craft.
Curacao + Colombia represent.

Produced by: Gudda Getamilli
Mix and mastered by Mosty
Directed and Edited by Don Vinci


( Insel Air you still owe me for that broken tablet, still mad)

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Sombra Di Kolo | Trailer [Video]

September 30, 2014

I have to say I am stoked by the analysis and the conversation that can spiral out of their journey in to the hearts and minds of a Curacaoan. I am sure this discussion on race will resonate to many of the different Islands. CONGRATS @Angela Warwaru Roe for this tremendous accomplishment.

Sombra di Koló — The Shadow Of Color
In five neighbourhoods, each distinct in their racial and class make-up, a total of thirty Curaçaoans of all ages and all walks of life share what “race” and “skin color” mean to them today.

Sombra di Koló / the Shadow of Color is a documentary project by Warwarú Productions and De Wind Imaging.
Curaçaoan/Surinamese/Dutch anthropologist Angela Roe teamed up with Curaçaoan filmmakers Selwyn de Wind and Hester Jonkhout to examine the meanings and consequences of race and skin color in contemporary Curaçao.

Curaçao, a small Caribbean island off the Venezuelan coast, was once an important Dutch colony. It has a population of approximately 140.000 people that is racially and especially ethnically diverse, yet predominantly of African descent.

In this post-colonial society, what do people think about skin color? How is color connected to class? Does race still matter?

The goal of the documentary Sombra di Koló is to break open the taboo on color and race relations, and to start a constructive national dialogue on a topic that affects us all, because everyone has a color.

We know what it is like to live inside our own skin, but we don’t really know what life is like for others who don’t look like us. We speculate, we have stereotypical ideas about others, but this film invites you to listen to stories that sound like your own, and stories that you never thought about.

With music by Datapanik

Producer, Director, Researcher: Angela E. Roe. Director of Photography: Selwyn de Wind, Hester Jonkhout, Kirk Claes, Octavio Curiel. Editor: Hester Jonkhout. Coloring: Selwyn de Wind. Graphics & Animation: Kirk Claes. Audio Post Production: Ralph Durgaram. Creative Advisor: Felix de Rooy. Production Assistance: Jeritsa Ignecia, Pito Polo, Giany Martis, Marieke Linders, Anja Steffens, Eugenique Wilkins, Nneka Tielman, Rebecca Steffens, Ryanne Van Der Linde, and Vanessa Abad.

Sombra di Koló is made possible with the support of our funds and sponsors:
Refineria Isla Curaçao B.V., Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied, Samenwerkende Fondsen Nederlands Gebiedsdeel, Maduro Curiels’ Bank, Kooyman, Act II, Medical Laboratory Services, Curacao Tourism Board, Korpodeko, Burgers & Fung A Loi Notaries, Banco di Caribe, Ennia, Mau Asam Travel, Curacao Ports Authority, Europe West Indies Trading, and KDZ Accountanting Support B.V.

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Kokomo Beach, Full Moon Party! | Curacao

July 13, 2014

Kokomo’s Full Moon Beach Party, is THE largest Monthly event in Curaçao.  We wanted to see for ourselves if the werewolves did come out during a full moon.

We were not disappointed.

This is a MUST ATTEND party if you happen to be visiting Curaçao during a full moon!
Special Thanks to:

Kokomo Beach: Perry van de Mosselaar
Full Moon Party
DJ Viva La Diva
Deya Mensche, In Ya Face Entertainment
Alexander Frass Bryan, Camera and awesomeness